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Research and Development

Semantic Web | Big Data | Hadoop | Python

Research and Development forms the foundation of Varn Softwares. We take immense pride in positioning ourselves as a company which puts Research-first mantra in practice - be it solving a simple problem or architecting a complex solution to a business domain. We follow 2 models in doing R&D

1. In-house model: This is the in-house R&D which our engineers do, which results in smart products and solutions for our customers and community.

2. Collaborative model: In this model we collaborate with the community, especially, the academia to bring in an academic perspective to our industrial research, and vice versa i.e. to bring an industrial perspective to academic research. This model is a win-win model in the sense,

a) It helps students and researchers in academia to see the industrial applicability, marketability and monetization potential of their ideas and provides a fertile testing ground for their innovation

b) It helps VSS to be bringing the best of research in the academic circles to the market and adding value to our customers.

We have found both the models to be extremely effective in producing high quality research artifacts.

Our Technology Stack

  • sitecore
  • dotnetnuke
  • wordpress
  • python
  • saml
  • openid
  • semantic web
  • internet of things