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As they say, the three key rules of marketing are brand recognition, brand recognition and brand recognition. Brand identity design is concerned with the visual aspects of a company or organizations brand or identity. It is the visual element that represents how a company wants to be seen; it is the company’s visual identity, and is how a company illustrates its image.

A company’s brand identity can be represented in terms of design through a unique logo, or signage, and is then often integrated throughout all the elements of a company’s materials such as business cards, stationary, packaging, media advertising, promotions, and more.

Brand identity design is also what helps consumers remember the company, and often what brings them back. The right brand identity design can be one of the company’s strongest marketing tools as it translates the values, and strategic vision of a company into a consistent image that consumers become familiar with. A brand identity design, like a logo, is a tangible concept that gives the company a visual identity. This is important, as imagery is often what attracts visual thinkers who aren’t drawn in by words and numbers alone.

An effective brand design is also never static; instead a company’s brand should evolve as the company evolves. This may mean modernizing the visual image from time to time in terms of logo, tagline, typography, color palette, design, etc., but still staying close to the heart of the brand and what it stands for.

Varn Softwares provide innovative ways to combine words and images to express the key message of a company, and our goal is to show consumers that the company is concerned about how it looks. We focus on the needs of the client in areas such as identity, marketing communications, environment, product branding, packaging, and website design. We use design and strategic thinking to help companies to find an appropriate brand identity that will help them prosper in competitive marketplace, and make sure the brand remains fresh and effective.

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